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company name analyzed? description stage
100ms yes Video conferencing and live streaming APIs. private (series A)
AI21 Labs yes Natural Language Processing tools. private (series C)
APIMATIC no Autogenerated SDKs and example code for APIs. private (seed)
Abbey no Access governance with Terraform. private (seed)
Ably yes Realtime application infrastructure. private (series B)
Acceldata yes Data observability. private (series C)
Activeloop no Data lake for deep learning. private (seed)
Aerospike no NoSQL low latency data store. private (series E)
Agora yes Voice, video, messaging and streaming APIs. public (NASDAQ: API)
Airbyte yes Open source data integration and pipeline. private (series B)
Airplane yes Developer platform for internal tools. acquired
Aiven yes Managed open source cloud data platform. private (series D)
Algolia no Search API as a service. private (series D)
Align AI no User analytics for AI products. private (seed)
Antimatter no Data access control. private (series A)
Anyscale yes Large language model (LLM) infrastructure. private (series C)
Apollo no GraphQL platform. private (series D)
Archera no Cloud cost control. private (series A)
Arize no Machine learning model observability. private (series A)
Arnica no Application and code security tools. private (seed)
AssemblyAI yes Speech AI models via a web API. private (series C)
Astronomer no Airflow data pipelines. private (series C)
Authentik Security no User identity management platform. private (seed)
AutoCloud no Consistent & compliant DevOps for organizations. private (seed)
Aviator no Developer tools for code repositories. private (seed)
Bandwidth yes Communications platform-as-a-service. public (NASDAQ: BAND)
Baseten no Inference platform for AI models. private (series B)
Better Stack no Observability and log management. private (series A)
Bird no Communications platform-as-a-service (PaaS). private (series C)
Bit no Composable software components. private (series B)
Bitrise no Continuous integration and delivery for mobile. private (series C)
Blobr no E-commerce for APIs. private (seed)
Bodo yes Parallel computation for data analytics. private (series A)
BrowserStack yes App and browser device simulation testing. private (series B)
Browserbase no Headless browsers-as-a-service. private (seed)
Bubble yes Low code / no code application builder. private (series A)
Bugcrowd no Crowdsourced security via bug bounties. private (series E)
Buildkite yes Continuous integration pipeline platform. private (series A)
Bump yes API creation tools. private (pre-seed)
Carto no Spatial data analysis platform. private (series C)
Cast AI no Cloud computing cost controls. private (series B)
Census no Data activation platform for data warehouses. private (series B)
Cerebrium no Machine learning platform for training and deployment. private (seed)
Chainguard no Software supply chain security. private (series B)
Chainlink yes Decentralized computing platform. private (series C)
Chalk no Machine learning infrastructure. private (seed)
Chameleon yes In-product walkthroughs and analytics. private (series A)
ChaosSearch no Data indexing for input into analytics. private (series B)
Checkly no Code-based monitoring. private (series A)
Checkr no Background checks and personal data lookup infrastructure. private (series E)
Chkk no Kubernetes availability platform. private (seed)
Chroma no Open source embedding vector database. private (seed)
Circle yes Payments infrastructure via blockchain. private (private equity)
CircleCI no Hosted continuous integration. private (series F)
Clarifai no Machine learning APIs. private (series C)
Cleanlab no Data quality issue identification and remediation. private (series A)
Clearbit no Go-to-market intelligence data and APIs. acquired
Clerk no User management platform. private (series B)
ClickHouse yes Column-oriented datastore. private (series B)
Cloudflare yes Content delivery network and web app infrastructure. public (NYSE: NET)
Cockroach Labs yes Distributed SQL database. private (series F)
Code Ocean no Computational research platform. private (series B)
CodeRabbit no AI code reviews. private (pre-seed)
CodeSee no Code visualization and automation. private (seed)
Codefresh no Continuous integration and delivery platform. private (series C)
Codium no LLM-based code generation. private (seed)
Cohere no Natural language processing as a service. private (series C)
Comet no Machine learning model lifecycle management and monitoring. private (series B)
Composable Prompts no LLM application platform. private (seed)
Confident AI no Evaluation infrastructure for LLMs. private (pre-seed)
Confluent yes Apache Kafka hosting and tooling. public (NASDAQ: CFLT)
Contentful no Headless content management system (CMS). private (series F) no Analytics for products that use large language models (LLMs). private (seed)
Convex no Backend infrastructure-as-a-service. private (series A)
Convoy no Webhooks proxy. private (pre-seed)
Coralogix no Infrastructure observability. private (series D)
CoreWeave no GPU cloud provider. private (private equity)
Couchbase no Distributed NoSQL data store. private (series G)
Courier yes Developer infrastructure for product notifications. private (series B)
Credal no Data workflows and LLM connections. private (seed)
Crowdstrike no Cybersecurity products. public (NASDAQ: CRWD)
Cube yes Data source and application middleware. private (series B)
Cursor no private (seed)
Cypress no Testing automation tools. private (series B)
Dagger no Continuous integration build pipelines. private (series A)
Dagster no Data pipeline orchestration. private (series B)
Daily yes WebRTC-based APIs for video and audio app development. private (series B)
DataStax no Vector database. private (series G)
Datadog yes Application monitoring, security and observability. public (NASDAQ: DDOG)
Datadome no Bot protection. private (series C)
Datafold no Data observability and quality issue mitigation. private (series A)
Datagran no Data analysis, modeling and workflows. private (seed)
Dataiku no Data analysis and visualization platform. private (series F)
DeepL no AI translator and writing tools. private (series C)
Deepchecks no Evaluation for LLM-based applications. private (seed)
Deepgram yes Low quality transcription API. private (series B)
Deepinfra no Hosted AI models-as-a-service. private (seed)
Descope no Authentication management. private (seed)
Detectify no Security vulnerability scanning, monitoring and pentesting. private (series B)
DevCycle no Software feature flags. private (seed)
DevZero no Build and test in a production-clone cloud environment. private (series A)
DigitalOcean no Cloud computing services and infrastructure. public (NYSE: DOCN)
Directus no Application backend-as-a-service. private (series A)
Ditto no Cross-platform device data sync. private (series A) no Real-time streaming infrastructure. acquired
Doppler yes Secret environment variables syncing and security. private (series A)
Dopt no Developer tools and components for self-service products. private (seed)
DoubleCloud yes Data analytics infrastructure. private (seed)
Dragonfly no In-memory key-value pair datastore. private (series A)
Duality no Privacy-enhanced data computing. private (series B)
Dynatrace no Infrastructure monitoring and security. public (NYSE: DT)
Earthly no Build framework and continuous integration. private (seed)
Eden AI no AI model orchestration. private (pre-seed)
EdgeDB yes Open source graph-relational database. private (series A)
Elastic no Open source search solutions. public (NYSE: ESTC)
ElevenLabs no Voice cloning. private (series B)
Esper no Android device fleet management platform. private (series C)
Ethyca no Privacy as a service. private (series A)
Evervault no Encryption developer tools. private (series A)
Fastly no Content delivery network (CDN) and cloud security. public (NYSE: FSLY)
Felt no Geospatial maps data. private (series A)
Fern no Helper libraries and documentation for APIs. private (pre-seed)
Fidel API no Payments infrastructure API. private (series B)
Finch no API for employment systems. private (series B)
Fingerprint no Device and user identity. private (series C)
Finmark no Financial planning and modeling software for startups. acquired
FireHydrant no Alerting and incident response. private (series B)
Fireworks AI no Large language model inference platform. private (series A)
Fivetran yes Data extraction, loading and transformation pipelines. private (series D)
Flagsmith no Feature flags and remote configurations. private (bootstrapped)
Flatfile no Data file exchange. private (series B)
Fleet no Open-source device management for IT and security teams. private (series A)
Flightcontrol no Platform-as-a-service on AWS. private (pre-seed) yes Edge-based application infrasturcture. private (series C)
Foundational no Data management platform. private (seed)
Frigade no React components for building product onboarding flows. private (seed)
FusionAuth no Authentication and authorization service. private (series A)
Gatsby no React-based website and web app infrastructure. acquired
Gentrace no Generative AI quality and speed evaluation. private (seed)
GitGuardian no Code security. private (series B)
GitHub no Source control and deployment automation. acquired
GitLab no Software development platform for teams. public (NASDAQ: GTLB)
Gitpod yes Isolated cloud dev environments. private (series A)
Gladia no Audio transcription and translation APIs. private (seed)
Gradient no Infrastructure platform for running custom LLMs. private (seed)
Grafana Labs no Operational dashboards for data. private (series D)
Graphite no Code review automation and workflow tooling. private (series A)
Gremlin no Enterprise chaos engineering platform. private (series B)
Greptile no Code review bot. private (seed) yes Synthetic data creation. private (series B)
Guardrails AI no Custom validators for LLMs. private (seed)
Harness no Software development platform for teams. private (series D)
HashiCorp yes Open source cloud infrastructure for deployment and security. public (NASDAQ: HCP)
Hasura yes Data platform for creating APIs. private (series C)
Heap no Digital analytics. acquired
Helicone no LLM application monitoring. private (pre-seed)
Herald no APIs for commercial insurance. private (seed)
Hex yes Data analysis and visualization tools. private (series C) no Open source infrastructure monitoring. private (seed)
Hookdeck no Reliable webhook infrastructure. private (seed) no Code scanner for sensitive data. private (seed)
HuggingFace no Create, discover and collaborate on machine learning models. private (series D)
Humanitec yes Self-service internal developer infrastructure. private (seed)
Hume yes AI toolkit for understanding human emotion. private (series B)
Hyperline no Billing platform for software-as-a-service businesses. private (seed)
Imply no Database for analytics applications with Druid. private (series D) yes On-call incident management. private (series A)
Infisical no Open source secret and configuration management. private (seed)
InfluxData yes Creators of time series database InfluxDB. private (series E)
Infracost no Cloud spending cost estimates. private (seed)
Inigo no GraphQL management and security. private (seed)
Inngest no TypeScript-based serverless functions. private (seed)
Instabug no Mobile app testing and feedback. private (series B) no Custom integrations for software-as-a-service applications. private (seed)
Intercom no Customer communications platform. private (series D)
Ionic no Cross-platform mobile SDK and builds. private (series A)
JFrog no DevOps deployment tools. public (NASDAQ: FROG)
Jam no One click bug reports. private (series A)
JetBrains no Software development tools. private (bootstrapped)
Kentik no Network observability platform. private (series C)
Klaviyo no Customer data and marketing automation platform. public (NYSE: KVYO)
Klu no Large language model app platform. private (pre-seed)
Knock no Notifications infrastructure. private (series A)
Knot no APIs for online financial accounts. private (series A)
Kolide no IT device security and compliance. private (series B)
Komodor no Kubernetes monitoring and troubleshooting. private (series B)
Kong no Platform for building and operating APIs. private (series D)
Koyeb no Quick deploy serverless platform. private (pre-seed)
LabelBox no Data platform for building LLMs. private (series D)
Lacework no Code and cloud infrastructure security. private (series D)
Lago no Open source usage-based billing infrastructure. private (series A)
LambdaTest yes Cross-browser testing. private (series C)
LanceDB no Database for multimodal data. private (seed)
LangChain no Framework to build and operate LLM apps. private (series A)
Langfuse no Open source observability for large language models. private (seed)
LaunchDarkly yes Feature flags and deployment management. private (series D)
Liblab no SDK generation for APIs. private (series A)
Lightning AI no Cloud IDE for AI application development. private (series B)
Linear no Product development planning. private (series B)
LiveKit yes Real-time video, audio and data APIs. private (series A)
LogRocket no Performance monitoring, session playback and analytics. private (series B)
LogicLoop no Alerts and notifications for data. private (seed) no Cloud observability platform. private (series E)
Lokalise no Continuous language translation for websites and mobile apps. private (series B)
Lumigo no Microservices tracing and debugging. private (series A) no API gateway. private (seed)
Mapbox no Location and mapping data. private (series E)
Marqo no Vector database and vector search engine API. private (series A)
Martian no LLM router. private (seed)
Matillion no Data pipeline management. private (series E)
Memgraph no Optimized Neo4j-compatible graph database. private (seed)
Merge no HR, recruiting, and accounting API integration. private (series A)
Mergify no Faster and safer code merging for developers. private (pre-seed)
Metabase no Open source analytics for company data. private (series B)
Metaplane no Data observability. private (series A)
Metronome no Usage-based billing API. private (series B)
Miradore no Mobile Device Management for hardware. private (private equity)
Mistral AI no Large language models. private (series B)
Mixpanel no Self-serve product analytics. private (series C)
Modern Treasury no Payment operations solutions for automating money movement. private (series C)
Modular no Machine learning and AI infrastructure. private (series B)
Moesif no API analytics. private (series A)
Momento no Real-time data infrastructure. private (seed)
MongoDB yes Open source NoSQL document database. public (NASDAQ: MDB)
Monster API no Fine-tuning and deployment for LLMs. private (pre-seed)
Mostly AI no Synthetic data. private (series B)
Motif Analytics no Sequence analytics and visualizations. private (seed)
MutableAI no AI code generation. private (seed)
Nango no Platform for shipping code integrations. private (pre-seed)
Neo4j no Graph database. private (series F)
Neon yes Fully-managed PostgreSQL relational databases. private (series B) no MLOps for AI experiments. private (series A)
Netlify yes Developer platform to build, deploy and host web apps. private (series D)
Ngrok no API-first ingress-as-a-service localhost tunneling. private (series A)
Nylas no APIs for email, calendar and contacts providers. private (series C)
Objective no AI-native search-as-a-service. private (seed)
Observe no Infrastructure monitoring and observing. private (series B)
OctoAI no Generative AI model hosting and APIs. private (series C)
Octomind no Automated end-to-end software testing. private (seed)
Octopus Deploy no Deployment automation and metrics. private (series A)
OpenAI no Developing AI models, accessible through APIs. private (series D)
OpenMeter yes Usage-based billing infrastructure. private (seed)
OpenPipe no Data capture, AI model training and deployment. private (seed)
Openlayer no AI prompt and modeling alerting. private (seed)
Orb no Usage-based billing infrastructure. private (series A)
Orca Security no Cloud security posture management. private (series C)
Ory no User authentication infrastructure-as-a-service. private (series A)
OtterTune no Database optimization. private (series A)
OurSky no Developer APIs for space data. private (seed)
P0 Security no Secure cloud access for developers and applications. private (seed)
PagerDuty no Infrastructure incident management. public (NYSE: PD)
PartyKit yes Open source deployment platform for real-time applications. private (seed)
Patterns no Data analytics in natural language. private (seed)
PeerDB yes PostgreSQL replication. private (seed) no Authorization-as-a-service. private (series A)
Persona no Identity management and verification. private (series C)
Pinecone no Hosted vector database for AI search applications. private (series A)
Pipedream no Easier multi-API connection with code. private (series A)
Pipefy no Low-code business process automation. private (series C)
Plaid yes APIs for financial transactions. private (series D)
PlanetScale yes MySQL-compatible serverless database platform. private (series C) no Platform-as-a-service. private (series D)
Ploomber no Cloud platform for data scientists. private (seed)
Pngme no Financial data sharing and analysis. private (series A)
Polar Signals no Infrastructure instrumentation and profiling. private (seed)
PopSQL no Collaborative SQL editor for teams. private (series A)
Portkey no AI app gateway with observability. private (seed)
PostHog no Product analytics. private (series B)
Postman no API platform for building and using APIs. private (series D)
Postmark no Email API. private (series C)
Prem AI no Hosted AI models with privacy focus. private (seed)
Preset no Data analysis and visualization based on Apache Superset. private (series B)
Prismatic no Product code integrations. private (series B)
Prismic no Headless content management system (CMS) and tooling. private (series A)
PromptLayer no Prompt engineering collaboration and evaluation. private (pre-seed)
Propel Data yes API platform for building customer-facing analytics. private (seed)
Propelo no Developer productivity metrics. acquired
Prowler no Open source cloud security. private (seed)
PubNub no In-app chat and communications. private (series E)
Pulumi no Open source infrastructure as code. private (series C)
Pusher no Communication and collaboration feature APIs. acquired
Pynt no API security testing. private (seed)
Qdrant no Vector database. private (series A)
Qovery no Cloud infrastructure automation. private (seed)
QuestDB no Open source time series database. private (series A)
Qwak no AI models management and deployment. private (series A)
Railway no Infrastructure-as-a-service for app deployments. private (series A)
Rapid no Web API gateway. private (series D)
Raven no Transactional message coordination. private (seed)
ReadMe no API documentation and community tools. private (series A)
Redocly no Hosted API documentation. private (seed)
Render no Cloud infrastructure. private (series A)
Replicate no Platform for running and fine-tuning machine learning models. private (series B)
Replicated no Kubernetes application deployments. private (series C)
Replit no Collaborative coding and application hosting. private (series C)
Rescale no Computing infrastructure for engineering and R&D. private (series C)
Resemble AI no Voice cloning and detection. private (series A)
Resend no Email API for developers. private (seed)
Retell AI no AI voice agents. private (seed)
Retool yes Reusable components for internal enterprise web apps. private (series C)
RevenueCat no Subscription payment infrastructure. private (series C)
Rig no Application platform for Kubernetes. private (pre-seed)
Rill no Data dashboards. private (seed)
Roboflow no Computer vision as-a-service. private (series A)
Rockset no Real-time analytics database. private (series B)
Rollbar no Error monitoring and remediation. private (series B)
RunPod no GPU cloud infrastructure. private (seed)
Sanity no Cloud hosting platform for content. private (series C)
Sauce Labs yes Automated, continuous software testing. private (private equity)
ScyllaDB no NoSQL distributed performance data store. private (series C)
Seldon no MLOps and machine learning platform. private (series B)
Select Star no Data discovery platform. private (series A)
Semaphore no Continuous integration and delivery. private (bootstrapped)
Sematic no Continuous machine learning platform. private (seed)
Semgrep no Code security tools. private (series C)
Sentry no Open source error tracking and observability. private (series E)
Sequin no Messaging stream for API integrations. private (seed)
Shoreline no Observability aggregation and issue identification. private (series B)
Sieve no Hosted AI models-as-a-service. private (seed)
Sigma no Data analytics and visualization. private (series D)
SingleStore no Distributed database with SQL queries. private (series F)
Sleuth yes Continuous delivery metrics and control software. private (series A)
Snowplow no Data creation and common schemas. private (series B)
Snyk no Security analysis and vulnerability mitigation. private (series F)
Socket no Open source supply chain vulnerability scanning. private (series A)
Sonar yes Clean code tools. private (series B)
Sourcegraph no Source code search. private (series D)
Spacelift yes Infrastructure-as-code management system. private (series B)
Speakeasy no SDK generation and API tools. private (seed)
Speechmatics yes Speech-to-text APIs. private (series B)
Split no Feature flags and related experiments for software. acquired
StackBlitz no Browser-based collaborative editor. private (seed)
StackHawk no Application security testing. private (series B)
Stacker no Low code/no code custom software. private (series A)
Stainless no Web API SDK generators. private (seed)
Starburst no Data source connection and querying. private (series D)
Stashpad no Organized notepad for developers. private (pre-seed)
Statsig no Product analytics and experimentation. private (series B)
Steadybit no Chaos engineering tools. private (series A)
Stoplight no Web API design and documentation. private (series A)
Storyblok yes Headless content management system (CMS). private (series C)
Strapi yes Open source headless content management system (CMS). private (series A)
Stream no Stream makes it easy to add chat and messaging to applications. private (series B)
Stream.Security no Cloud infrastructure security modeling and detection. private (series A)
Stripe no Payment processing platform. private (series H)
Stytch no Authentication API. private (series B)
Sublime Security no Email security. private (series A)
Supabase no Open source Firebase alternative. Backend infrastructure. private (series B)
SuperAGI no Open source AI infrastructure. private (series A)
SuperTokens no Open source user authentication. private (pre-seed)
Superagent no AI-assistant framework for large language models. private (pre-seed)
Superb AI no Automated training data platform. private (series A)
Superblocks yes Low-code platform for internal applications. private (series A)
Supersimple yes Self-service analytics dashboards for SaaS companies. private (pre-seed)
Surge AI no Data labeling and reinforcement learning platform. private (series A)
SurrealDB no Database. private (series A)
Svix yes Webhooks as a service. private (seed)
Swarmia no Software development metrics. private (seed)
Swimm no Documentation creation tools. private (series A) yes Real-time conversation intelligence infrastructure. private (series A)
Sysdig no Cloud security. private (series G)
System Initiative no DevOps visualization and config tool. private (series A)
Tabnine no AI code assistant. private (series B)
Tailscale no Zero configuration VPN. private (series B)
Talc AI no Automated testing for AI models. private (seed)
Taloflow yes Software buying recommendations. private (seed)
Tecton no Machine learning pipelines and deployment. private (series C)
Temporal no Open source framework for building fault-tolerant applications. private (series B)
Tggl no Feature flags-as-a-service. private (bootstrapped)
TigerGraph no Graph database. private (series C)
Timescale yes Open source time-series database and hosting service. private (series C)
Tinybird no Developer tools for building data products over analytical data. private (series A)
Togai yes Usage-based billing infrastructure. private (seed)
Together AI no Cloud platform to train, fine-tune, and deploy AI models. private (series B)
Turso no SQLite for production. private (seed)
Twilio yes APIs for communications. public (NYSE: TWLO)
Tyk no API gateway and security. private (series B) no API for building customer integrations. private (pre-seed)
Unity Technologies no Game creation engine and platform. public (NYSE: U)
Unleash no Feature flags as a service. private (series A)
Unstructured no Data extraction, transformation and loading for LLMs. private (series B)
Upstash no Serverless data platform. private (series A)
UserHub no SaaS billing platform for end users. private (seed)
Userfront no Authorization and identity for SaaS. private (seed)
Vercel yes Frontend development and deployment platform. private (series E)
Veza yes Authorization platform for data. private (series C)
Video SDK yes Real-time video infrastructure for web and mobile. private (seed)
Vocode no Open source voice agents. private (seed)
Voiceflow no AI agent creation. private (series B)
Wappalyzer no Website technology analysis. private (seed)
Warp yes Faster terminal interface with autocomplete. private (series B)
Weaviate no Open-source vector database. private (series B)
WhyLabs no Machine learning observability. private (series A)
WireMock no API mocking and testing. private (seed)
WorkOS yes Enterprise features as a service. private (series B)
XetHub no Training data collaboration. private (seed)
Yugabyte no Open source distributed SQL database. private (series C)
Zama no Open source cryptography. private (series A)
Zapier no No code automation platform for APIs. private (bootstrapped)
Zed no Open source code editor. private (series A)
Zilliz yes Vector database. private (series B)
dbt no Data transformation. private (series D)
deepset yes Applied data analytics via large language models. private (series B) no Cloud-based mobile app test automation. private (pre-seed)
testRigor no Functional user interface regression and exploratory testing. private (seed)
vFunction no Tools to refactor monoliths into microservices. private (series A)

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