Plushcap is a customer acquisition strategy analysis tool for software developer-focused companies.

company name stage founded description
AssemblyAI private (series A) 2017 Web API for high accuracy speech-to-text transcriptions, in both batch and real-time.
Twilio public (NYSE: TWLO) 2008 APIs for communications.
Taloflow private (seed) 2020 Software buying recommendations.
Cockroach Labs private (series F) 2015 Distributed SQL database.
DigitalOcean public (NYSE: DOCN) 2012 Cloud computing services and infrastructure.
LaunchDarkly private (series D) 2014 Feature flags and deployment management.
Airbyte private (series B) 2020 Open source data integration and pipeline.
Agora public (NASDAQ: API) 2014 Developer platform for voice, video, messaging and streaming.
Fivetran private (series D) 2012 Data extraction, loading and transformation pipelines.
Bandwidth public (NASDAQ: BAND) 1999 Communications platform-as-a-service.
InfluxData private (series D) 2012 Creators of time series database InfluxDB.
HashiCorp public (NASDAQ: HCP) 2012 Open source cloud infrastructure, for provisioning, security and deployment.
Deepgram private (series B) 2015 Transcription API.
Timescale private (series C) 2015 Open source time-series database and hosting service.
Buildkite private (series A) 2014 Continuous integration pipeline platform.
Svix private (seed) 2021 Webhooks as a service.
Spacelift private (series B) 2020 Infrastructure-as-code management system.
Humanitec private (seed) 2017 Self-service internal developer infrastructure.
Dataships private (seed) 2019 Data privacy compliance as a service.
Airplane private (series A) 2021 Developer platform for internal tools.
Propel Data private (seed) 2021 In-product analytics. private (series B) 2019 Synthetic data creation.
Bump private (pre-seed) 2017 API creation tools.
Retool private (series C) 2017 Reusable components for internal enterprise web apps.
Doppler private (series A) 2018 Secret environment variables syncing and security.
Daily private (series B) 2016 WebRTC-based APIs for video and audio application development.
Plaid private (series D) 2013 APIs for financial transactions.
Bubble private (series A) 2012 Low code / no code application builder.
100ms private (series A) 2020 Video conferencing and live streaming APIs.
Palantir private 2003 Software for competitive advantage through data.
Veza private (series C) 2020 Authorization platform for data.
Courier private (series B) 2019 Developer infrastructure for product notifications.

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