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April 2024 43 61 15978
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June 2024 53 (+2%) 63 17064

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Mar. 2023 Why Shopify Raised Its Prices After 12 YEARS fgIwo8ThdCE
Mar. 2023 Admin Center xj5RZe7mpo8
Mar. 2023 Adding minimum commitment to price plans 16tkrR9kaoo
Mar. 2023 Configuring rate cards to attach to the price plans v5cbwrkFSXs
Mar. 2023 Setting up credits 2JZo0SIRGQI
Mar. 2023 Creating price plans 0roq1H1c99g
Mar. 2023 Dealing with individual customers & their accounts zBJUd3KomNk
Mar. 2023 Dealing with multiple currencies pDyheHdq0xU
Mar. 2023 Setting up usage meters zLOZnoVnQPQ
Mar. 2023 Defining the event ingestion format 04zaomDI8uQ
Apr. 2023 Dashboard and Analytics azYJUntUgm8
Apr. 2023 Discounting Done Right - The Price Tag Podcast nOqSLCd3tjc
Apr. 2023 3 Most Common Pricing Mistakes hVXgixZnX2o
Apr. 2023 Implementing Your Product's Pricing Strategy | Ajit Ghuman SdZgUOxGkBA
Apr. 2023 How to price your B2B SaaS Product | John Kotowski dcXWB9l-GRw
Apr. 2023 Using Behavioural Economics To Improve Your Pricing Strategy 4QgzpUPcvs8
Apr. 2023 Psychological biases to account for while creating your pricing strategy PbGX4QzMLBQ
Apr. 2023 A story of how Ajit turned around the failed pricing implementation at Narvar 3VFqz_ZhkBk
Apr. 2023 What are the different parts of buyer personas and how to appeal to them? Eq3id2j3J-M
Apr. 2023 Who should own pricing at different stages of a company? 6GHbR2-6EDY
Apr. 2023 product walkthrough IuRXnzdVQw4
Apr. 2023 by Togai | The Best No Code Metering Tool Y3OgpKBvOZ0
May. 2023 How to Increase/Optimze your Product's Price? mUiu1wSWbfA
May. 2023 Leverage these psychological effects to improve your pricing strategy CqN70yGfZ1c
May. 2023 Docker's Rise: The $81M ARR Leap in One Year! M8lT0mgdepw
Jun. 2023 Relativity Principle in Pricing KUN4RZkcHDo
Jun. 2023 Top 3 mistakes companies make in pricing 2MQROpm1GgA
Jun. 2023 Attaching add-ons/fixed fees to price plans LsOxIpFdAQs
Jun. 2023 Togai - Stripe Integration 4uyQGkMQ8W8
Jul. 2023 So what should your pricing page look like? 📄 1OkfzMnf_10
Jul. 2023 Second order effects of pricing? cIQihMUPNms
Oct. 2023 Appsmith's Switch To Usage-Based Pricing | A Case Study 45IjQ8KSBl4
Nov. 2023 Eleven Labs' Pricing | The Billing Setup E01 rTkp7IS0dt0
Nov. 2023 Opus Clip's Pricing | The Billing Setup E02 RRXTpqaN8Ho
Nov. 2023 Hypertrack's Pricing | The Billing Setup E04 wL9MexViAKU
Dec. 2023 Loxo's Pricing | The Billing Setup E05 oHv5FnEM6wQ
Dec. 2023 Typeform's Pricing | The Billing Setup E06 7dHdGldexa4
Dec. 2023 HeyGen's Pricing | The Billing Setup E07 l8Z-QvQRKIw
Jan. 2024 Anthropic's Pricing | The Billing Setup E08 uIjbTiQv1I4
Jan. 2024 Personal AI Pricing | The Billing Setup E09 2gL_3dDucOs
Jan. 2024's Pricing & Monetization Journey | A Case Study BuvDKarzUiM
Jan. 2024 Fastly Pricing | The Billing Setup E10 znG6y740QjE
Jan. 2024 Usage-Based Pricing vs Subscription Pricing | Answering Reddit | Togai S96mEf6O5lA
Jan. 2024 Credit-Based Pricing vs Usage-Based Pricing | Answering Reddit | Togai Lk96_GK0lqQ
Jan. 2024 Differential Pricing For APIs | Answering Reddit | Togai g4G9k6BN8QA
Jan. 2024 ObservePoint Pricing | The Billing Setup E11 pUZ7w_KMZUw
Jan. 2024 Subscription Pricing vs Pay-As-You-Go vs Hybrid Pricing | Answering Reddit | Togai lerx5naHKD8
Jan. 2024 Usage-Based Pricing For Bootstrapped vs VC Funded Companies | Answering Reddit | Togai TmV0Z2p9_mQ
Jan. 2024 Compensating Sales For Usage-Based Pricing | Answering Reddit | Togai lo_EIq0VZ1A
Feb. 2024 Rev Pricing | The Billing Setup E12 uzymVPir-fc
Feb. 2024 Bitmovin Pricing | The Billing Setup E13 q5GNddVgOz0
Feb. 2024 Pricing Flexibility for a Payments Processing Company | The Whiteboard E02 QCDPFDD2WLw
Feb. 2024 Usage Based Pricing for an Open-Source DevTools Company | The Whiteboard E01 MUihhic3q6I
Feb. 2024 Usage Based Pricing in CPaaS: Engineering | The Whiteboard E03a WkODlKKkNdM
Feb. 2024 Usage Based Pricing in CPaaS: Pricing Ops | The Whiteboard E03b BT2ntSImN7A
Mar. 2024 Usage Based Pricing in CPaaS: Sales | The Whiteboard E03c pD2kcZN77no
Mar. 2024 Usage Based Pricing in an Authentication Company | The Whiteboard E04 _W3md9WCIrs
Mar. 2024 PostHog Pricing | The Billing Setup E14 irXMXi0P224
Apr. 2024 Pricing | The Billing Setup E15 -vRZu4ssU2E
Apr. 2024 Usage Based Pricing in a Telecom Company | The Whiteboard E05 eRsR0fMxpRI
Apr. 2024 Getting Acquired. H_BWugO8LcM
Apr. 2024 We have news. DokT8GINaew

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