Why Veza, Why Now?

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The text discusses the importance of identity security in today's digital landscape, highlighting that identity is considered the new perimeter for businesses and plays a critical role in their growth and cybersecurity. It explains how Veza, a world-class team, aims to advance the state of the cybersecurity industry by focusing on three GTM principles: "Why anything?", "Why Veza?", and "Why now?". The text delves into the increasing complexity of authorization in cloud-native systems, mass-market adoption of cloud-based authentication systems, and the need to secure non-human identities as well. It also emphasizes the importance of modernizing identity governance and adding monitoring to privilege access management. Furthermore, it introduces Next-Gen IGA by Veza, a game changer in identity security for the entire multi- and hybrid-cloud world.


Date published
Oct. 10, 2023

Tarun Thakur

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