The Fundamentals of a Data-Centric Approach to Cloud Security

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The Price Waterhouse Cooper's 2022 Pulse Survey reveals that digital transformation is the top growth driver for C-suite executives, with companies accelerating their shift to cloud platforms. However, maintaining data security and integrity during this process presents a significant challenge. Cloud migration typically involves four stages: platform infrastructure transformation, application migration, transition to cloud compute, and finally, moving data using solutions like Snowflake. Ensuring data protection in the cloud requires different strategies than on-premises resources, as traditional data security solutions cannot be simply "lifted and shifted." The growing necessity for a data-centric approach is driven by the increasing value of data to modern enterprises. Cybercriminals target valuable data, making it crucial for organizations to safeguard their assets while enabling authorized access. Veza's data-centric security solution provides comprehensive visibility into identity-to-data relationships and offers actionable intelligence to manage permissions effectively, reducing the risk of successful data breaches.


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June 7, 2022

Teju Shyamsundar

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