The Age of Identity Security is here: Microsoft goes all-in on identity with Microsoft Entra

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Microsoft has announced a rebranding of Azure AD and related products under the Microsoft Entra product family to consolidate its identity and access management capabilities. The company also introduced two new services targeting the Secure Services Edge market, Entra Internet Access and Entra Private Access. Microsoft emphasized that existing renamed products' capabilities, licensing plans, and APIs would remain unchanged. This move reflects Microsoft's recognition of the importance of identity in modern security solutions, with CISO Bret Arsenault stating, "Identity is the new perimeter." The shift to an identity-based security approach acknowledges that traditional network boundaries no longer provide meaningful protection for data spread across various systems and devices. Veza, an identity security platform, expands visibility and control of the identity perimeter by providing a full view of the entire identity attack surface, including cloud infrastructure, data warehouses, on-premise systems, and SaaS apps.


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July 28, 2023

Brian Schwarz

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