Can you make sense of permissions in AWS?

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The shift of services and data to the cloud has led to a massive adoption of major cloud providers like AWS, with many companies relying on it as their infrastructure cornerstone. However, while the move to the cloud has been rapid, governance and security have been slower to catch up. Companies often still use processes and tools from when most sensitive data was housed on-premise in just one or two critical systems or databases. AWS allows for very granular access controls at an individual identity, role, and resource level using several policy types. Understanding effective permissions is crucial for successful access governance. Challenges to understanding effective permissions include IAM policy complexity, policy interaction, and siloed access data. Veza, a cloud-based solution, helps organizations understand the effective permissions of any local or federated identity in AWS by standardizing permissions, resolving policy conflicts, and unifying IdP and AWS IAM data.


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Nov. 17, 2023

Kale Bogdanovs

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