How AI and Immersive Technology are Transforming Healthcare

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Advances in healthcare technology are improving access to quality medical care. Agora recently hosted a webinar series exploring the impacts of advancements in AI and AR/VR in healthcare, featuring industry experts discussing topics such as mental health care, elder care, mobile-first healthcare powered by AI, and treating cognitive conditions with AR and VR. The use of AI and telehealth technology can help increase the speed of diagnosis and risk assessment while helping therapists improve bonds with patients. Immersive VR tech for elder care is also being explored as a way to deliver quality healthcare at scale. Medical care integrated with AR, VR, and XR tech enables digital treatments for more people than caregivers could service in their physical proximity. AI advancements help the diagnostic process, leveraging vast medical data available. The immersive reality powered by VR and real-time engagement tech can work like a portal for patients to undergo different therapies, training, and rehab sessions in a safe and closed environment.


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Dec. 12, 2023

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