Add AI Denoising to your Video Calls using the Agora React Native UIKit

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The React Native UIKit simplifies building video calling apps by providing high-level components like <AgoraUIKit>. In this blog post, we learn how to extend the UIKit and add custom features using an example of AI denoising. To get started, developers need a free Agora developer account, Node.js LTS release, and an iOS or Android device for testing. They should also have a basic understanding of React Native development. The <AgoraUIKit> component is built with smaller components that can be used to build fully custom experiences without worrying about the video call logic. Custom features like AI denoising can be added by accessing the RtcEngine instance using the RtcContext, which exposes the engine instance used by the UIKit. Developers are encouraged to contribute to the UIKit repository with feature requests or pull requests.


Date published
March 15, 2022

Ekaansh Arora

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