Optimizing Video Call Quality: Lessons from 100ms' Dogfooding and Testing

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The blog discusses the challenges developers face when optimizing video call quality using WebRTC. It highlights that testing in real-world conditions is crucial but often overlooked. To address this, 100ms offers dogfooding sessions where their customer success team tests customers' apps before rollout. This involves understanding end-users' setups and simulating stressful network conditions. The blog presents a case study of a dating app that faced issues with video resolution dropping frequently on slightly older Android/iOS phones. Through dogfooding, 100ms identified the issue as CPU limitations in these devices and adjusted the publish layer settings accordingly to improve video quality. The article emphasizes the importance of understanding end-users' demographics to tailor an optimal experience and reduce testing load for developers.


Date published
April 3, 2024

Aniket Behera

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