Cockroach Labs

Distributed SQL database. Founded in 2015. Privately held as a Series F round company.

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Website content structure

900 total pages found in parsing sitemaps and scraping the Cockroach Labs website.

Chart label Pages % of total Expanded description of pages in this category
Blog posts 536 59.6% Blog posts and articles with a specific publication date
Docs & support 53 5.9% Developer documentation, API references and glossary pages
Products & use cases 9 1.0% Product, pricing and use cases (but not customer stories)
Demos, videos & examples 88 9.8% Interactive demos, videos, podcasts, templates and app examples
Customers & partners 0 0.0% Customer stories, events, partners and location-specific resources
Press, legal & about 0 0.0% Press, legal, privacy, careers and pages about the company
Localized pages 0 0.0% Internationalized pages translated from the primary company language
Misc pages 214 23.8% Pages not yet categorized or not intended for the customer

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