Why I Put My Hoof Down & Joined Veza

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Gertie the Goat, an experienced CISO and new member of Veza, shares her reasons for joining the company. She explains that as a security professional, she is often blamed for incidents out of her control due to factors such as employee errors or sophisticated attackers. Despite investing in various security measures like employee training, CSPM, and MFA, Gertie found it challenging to achieve least privilege access management. IGA tools also had limitations, leading her to search for a better solution. She discovered Veza, which offers an identity-first approach to security, allowing her to make progress on least privilege and secure data, SaaS apps, and source code. Gertie is joining the company to take this movement global and empower other CISOs with a new approach to identity-first security.


Date published
March 20, 2023

Gertie the Goat

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