Veza @ Blackstone: Modernizing IGA with Automation and Intelligence

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Blackstone, a leading global investment firm, has partnered with Veza to revolutionize IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) by incorporating automation and intelligence. The collaboration aims to address the growing security challenges faced by organizations, including data protection, cloud security, ransomware protection, and insider threats. Veza's approach focuses on identity security as the root of all these initiatives, with a particular emphasis on answering three critical questions: who has access to what, what can they do with that access, and should they even have the access in the first place? By combining previously siloed access permission data and extracting intelligence from relationships, Veza aims to solve for various security and governance initiatives. The partnership between Blackstone and Veza highlights the need for modernizing identity management beyond traditional IAM (Identity Access Management) tooling to truly understand identity access in today's complex digital landscape.


Date published
July 21, 2023

Tarun Thakur

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