The Veza Voice – March Issue

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In this month's Veza Voice, we introduce powerful new risk dashboards and tiles, expanded capabilities for GCP IAM, and new Veza integrations. We are introducing the concept of "Risks" into the Veza platform to help customers continually monitor their key risk factors, set rules and policies to drive action, and shrink their attack surface over time. The Risks page provides a top-row overview of access risks across categories such as identity access, privileged access, SaaS misconfigurations, cloud IAM, and more. We also introduce Trends, which allows users to track progress on total risks or individual queries by graphing the results over a given date range. New integrations include AWS Cognito, AWS Lambda, Github Organizations, and Github Enterprise. Finally, we share tips for finding and eliminating misconfigurations in Google Groups and announce upcoming events where customers can meet the Veza team.


Date published
April 11, 2023

Mike Bartholomy

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