The Veza Voice – January Issue

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In this month's Veza Voice newsletter, several updates and features are highlighted. Activity Monitoring for Snowflake is now available, allowing users to identify and remove dormant permissions by understanding activity at the data object level. This feature also includes an Over-Provisioned Score (OPS) to prioritize clean-up efforts. New integrations for Coupa, Oracle Fusion Cloud, and Salesforce have been added, expanding the reach of Veza's Authorization Graph. Additionally, new tips and tricks on using Veza Rules are provided to help maintain corporate security controls by tracking risks and monitoring authorization changes in your environment. Finally, upcoming events such as Gartner IAM, Gasparilla Pirate Fest 2023, CloudWerx Event GCP, and NCAA Event are mentioned for users interested in meeting the Veza team.


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Jan. 30, 2023

Mike Bartholomy

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