Product updates: 2H Release Summary

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In August 2023, Veza introduced new integrations, a Dashboard Trends View with export functionality, a Query Details page for saved assessments, an enhanced Report Export feature, and comprehensive analytics. Access Reviews were improved with the option to filter by individual users and link to filtered views. Performance improvements were made in bulk actions and certification results. In September 2023, new integrations were added for MongoDB, NetSuite, Coupa, Slack, and Crowdstrike Falcon. Certification Action Logs were introduced for detailed history tracking, and mobile enhancements were made for Access Reviews. October 2023 saw the introduction of Risk Scores, Tags in Query Builder, Query Builder and Graph Search enhancements, and extended support for various systems. In November 2023, new integrations were added for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Terraform, Google Cloud SQL, and UKGPro. Time Machine for UARs was introduced, along with the Details Sidebar, Attribute Filter Combinations, Nested constraints, and support for Kubernetes services on Google Cloud (GKE) and Microsoft Azure (AKS). In December 2023, new integrations were added for Confluent Cloud, 1Password, and Privacera. Access Review improvements included a streamlined mobile experience, single Approve & Sign Off action, and enhanced decision-making columns in certifications. Search improvements included unification across Query Builder, Access Reviews, and Authorization Graph search interfaces, enhanced filters for timestamp-type attributes, and more entity types hidden by default for improved readability. Navigation and usability enhancements were made to the main Veza navigation, dashboard visualizations, and tag overview pages. User design improvements included increased consistency across major UI components and a simplified process for adding team members and roles on the User Management and Teams pages.


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Jan. 5, 2024

Dr. Maohua Lu

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