How to build a Google Meet Clone in Flutter

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This article provides a detailed tutorial on building a Google Meet clone in Flutter using the 100ms SDK for video functionality. The author guides readers through setting up their project, creating a home screen with two buttons and an app bar, adding a navigation drawer to the Scaffold, and starting a meeting by calling the join method on HMSSDK with config settings. They also explain how to listen to updates in the room using the UserDataStore class that extends ChangeNotifier and implements HMSUpdateListener and HMSActionResultListener. The author then demonstrates how to configure the remote user's video, show a waiting screen while the local user waits for the remote user to join, and handle various actions like muting/unmuting the mic, switching on/off the video, and disconnecting the call. Finally, they provide the complete code for the Google Meet clone in Flutter.


Date published
May 11, 2022

Aditya Thakur

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